Stand in the Gap

OUR MISSION is to democratize the nonprofit sector, to end all forms of private philanthropy, and to establish and preserve the institutions necessary for meeting the vital needs of Life and Humanity beyond the reach of market and government solutions.

We are a ministry for Community Stewardship dedicated to the general Welfare; to upholding Union, Equality, and Dignity for all, and to the service and sanctity of civil Discourse, equitable Human Care, an impartial Press, and diversity in the Arts and Sciences.

Terms of Service


The Articles of Union for Democratic Philanthropy

WE the Stewards of the Community, in order to serve the general Welfare, establish Discourse, ensure equitable Human Care, provide for an impartial Press, promote the Arts and Sciences, and secure for all the blessings of reverence for Life and Humanity, do affirm and certify these Articles of Union for Democratic Philanthropy.
124 S Cloverdale Blvd.
Cloverdale, CA 95425


1. Community Stewardship is a democratic service model based on the values of union, equality, and human dignity.

2. Our purpose is to provide community-based service agencies that effectively meet the vital needs that markets and governments cannot address.


3. Our aims are to ensure civil discourse, equitable human care, an impartial press, and diversity in the arts and science.

4. The Community Steward is funded entirely by Sponsors.

5. All Sponsors are anonymous.

6. Each Sponsor contributes equally.

7. All Stewards are to be compensated reasonably and without excess.


8. All Stewards are engaged in serving the local volunteer nonprofit sector.

9. All Stewards are employed employed by their sponsors. No Steward will retain employment or compensation through any individual, private, public, or nonprofit organization.


10. Each Steward is to be in regular contact with their Sponsors.

11. Each Steward is responsible for organizing and launching their own initiatives and to carry the out to the satisfaction of their Sponsors.

12. Each Steward is equal in part with this Union and by these Articles.